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People, Really Good People Are Dying

I am mindful of recent reports of emergency services and military personnel who’ve chosen to go “To Their Deaths of Despair” at their own hand; hopeless that the kind of help they needed to heal from their experience of PTSD was ever going to arrive. That combined with a personal experience I had recently gives me pause and then pushes me again to be relentless in my efforts to do two things. The first; to create a welcoming space of alternative recovery options for those whose experience of the traditional treatments left them still reeling and confined by the emotional injury to their bodies. The second; to create the space for a client-centred approach where when the client experiences a healing treatment that though is not traditional or belonging to the psychotherapeutic model of the world, it is getting them their life back, that it is recognized for its efficacy and that the client is supported financially in their recovery.

In that intention, I must share with you a little bit more about me, my beliefs and my intentions, this in the effort, yes, to be seen, but moreover in the effort to create a space where those who seem to have lost their “Self” in this merciless injury to the body, can once again see themselves. Because their self is in there waiting to reconnect.

Professional Collective – We Must Leave No Stone Unturned – Honesty and forthrightness with each other is the one critical component in our collective professional effort to make every potential recovery modality available to those who continue to experience the debilitation that comes with Operational Stress Injury (OSI) and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Honesty, respect, and curiosity in our professional interactions with each other is paramount to this effort.

We must come together, leaving no stone unturned in our efforts to ensure that no one is left behind in their desire to heal, recover and get their lives back from this seemingly relentless dis-ease of the body/mind. This will be a challenge if we as professionals judge, exclude, and or are not truthful in our messaging with each other when it comes to those actively seeking alternative healing methods.

Really Good People are Dying! – I write today having recently experienced exclusion in my inquiry to be listed as a Service Professional providing alternative means for healing and recovery of Operational Stress Injury (OSI) and Post Tramatic Stress (PTS). In my experience of that I learned plenty about mySelf with respect to holding fast to the commitment I made in my previous blog, “To Their Deaths of Despair”. I promised then to do my part in ensuring not one more has to go to their death of despair. Since then we have lost several. Clearly I’ve still work to do. The greatest lesson for me was, in the throes of my own disappointment, hearing my inside voice saying, “Kae, you must do your due diligence and  create a space for people to see what else is available. We’ve really no time to waste, because really good people are dying!

I say with the greatest humility; in the interest of moving forward with the innovative work that I am doing, I must ensure that folks who are looking at coaching as a viable option and or in addition to their current methods of treatment, can see that it exists, that I exist. There is no time to waste. It makes these next thoughts important to share. I will start here.

The Qualifications and Certifications Conversation – It Has to Be Had! – I fully appreciate and respect that when providing recovery, healing services to those experiencing OSI or PTS that those persons doing so be current in their qualifications and be able to readily provide evidence to that effect through their respective certifying bodies.  We should expect nothing less; current and valid credentials have to be had. With that point in mind I would like to publicly state the following: When I offer my services, I am doing so in my Certified Coaching capacity, inclusive of an appreciative inquiry component, because it is my view that the client always knows what they need no matter how deeply embedded it is in the body.

Having said that, it is important to note; I am not offering my services in the capacity of Therapist, Counsellor or Psychologist. I am not, nor do I hold myself out to be any of the above and as such I am not registered with the College of Psychologists or Counsellors because I am neither.

Who I Am – My Credentials – I am a WEL-Systems® Certified CODE Model™ Coach, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner and Quantum TLC™ Facilitator. I have been a Certified Practitioner with the WEL-Systems® Institute since November 2003. I have invested substantially in my education with this body of knowledge both financially and with my time, logging hundreds upon hundreds of hours of in class learning and practicum, completing required reading of countless texts and examinations to demonstrate my proficiency of the CODE Model™, NLP and Quantum TLC™ with the WEL-Systems® certifying body. I have been logging coaching hours with this body of knowledge since November 2003.

What I offer is an education and in many cases as a result, a self-healing opportunity through the CODE Model™ Coaching and Quantum TLC™ processes. It is a unique, viable and powerful process unto itself, and in conjunction with the whole host of traditional, time honored, therapeutic treatments already available in the mainstream. I applaud the current modalities of healing; the new and innovative, such as but not limited to, Equine and Canine therapy and the more tried and tested Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. It is however imperative for us to be willing to pay attention to the statistics that are telling us that for some, these traditional healing and recovery methods are falling short in spite of best efforts. It does not make these methods of treatment good, bad, right or wrong, rather, in my world one more suicide or murder with PTSD as the ignition point is one more too many. We have to do and consider more and what else, because I know, every single one of these deaths is preventable.

A Glimpse Into My Personal Journey – As a person who lived with an eating disorder for seventeen years, the therapies, counselling, psychiatry prescription medications that I received did nothing to mitigate and or eliminate this dis-ease in me and that was not for lack of want or desire.  My Journey is chronicled in a book I co-authored called, “Sekhmet Rising, Restlessness of a Women’s Genius” For me the traditional psychiatric approaches were simply not effective. That does not mean that they don’t have the potential to be effective and they are not effective for all, and they were not for me. The work with the CODE Model™ and Quantum TLC™ that I do now however, was effective for me at the time, and at accelerated speeds. What was not resolved in ten years of formal, traditional therapy was resolved in a twenty five minute Quantum TLC™ Processing experience. I can’t imagine that I am an anomaly in that experience.

Mainstream Is Not Enough! – The work that I do is not mainstream and to be sure, this is a good thing, because mainstream for some is not working and or is not enough. We must be courageous in noticing, acknowledging that and then invite in what else? In that willingness, the what else will appear, because we’ve made space for it. We are not a one size fits all genus, we must always be receptive to that which holds potential and in the interest of healing and recovery, there is plenty of room for alternative and complementary modalities that include but are not limited to the work that I do.

Time Sensitive Permission to Disclose – When police personnel commit suicide; though not limited to this, one of two things is likely to happen. The first; it creates what we understand to be the “contagion effect” which in essence may create a viable space for others who have been considering suicide to follow through with their intention. A case in point, since S/Sgt. Ghadban of the Ottawa Police Service took his own life on September 27th, there have been two more police suicides. The second possibility after a police suicide is that for an albeit short period of time, a “safe” space opens up for others to give themselves permission to disclose their struggle and desire to recover and heal absent of shame, hesitation and fear of ridicule.

For those who choose to disclose as opposed to invite death in, the permission to do so is time sensitive. When the shock and awe gives way to the day to day, permission to disclose an OSI or experience of PTS without real or perceived risks falls away again, and the stories of stigma become the well used and readily available barriers to being actively engaged in our own healing journey.

In the absence of permission to disclose, the choice is to hide, locking one’s self away, daring not to be seen while tears flow. The recollection of events pulling at the heart strings that sit behind the perceived but hardly real capital “S” emblazoned in red on their chest. The persistence and perceptions of others that PTS is an experience or disorder reserved for the “crazy”, keeps the proverbial closet full of reeling police personnel, civilian and sworn alike. And that is crazy making.

A Promise Made –  We need to do more. What I am doing is a part of that more. Like many recovery modalities, what I offer, standing alone or in combination with other remedies is a viable healing method. In the capable hands of other WEL-Systems® CODE Model™ Coaches I was able to see my way through and to the other side of that eating disorder. More recently, Quantum TLC™ was my saving grace as I too, after ten years of intensive care giving for my elderly parents, fell, unknowingly and swiftly into the clutches of Post Traumatic Stress after the years of emotional and mental abuse as a child became front and center in my life as I moved through my care giving duties with them. My experience of it; well, it sneaks up on you until it is, you are on the roller coaster ride that you never bought a ticket for. And each of us is brilliant, possessing an innate capacity to heal from the emotional wounds of our energy body. We are born with the capacity for self healing and it never leaves us. It can be drowned out however by the demons that this experience/disorder can wreak. And sometimes as in the words of Pema Chodron we must go into the mouth of the demon to silence the demon and in that discover our strength and resilience.

The Coaching Process – CODE Model™ Coaching is the process of inquiry and Quantum TLC™ is the opportunity to in a safe place allow the energy in the body to move freely, allowing the wave of emotional holding to finally metabolize, so that we own it and it no longer owns us. The difference; in that safe space we are not shutting down the emotional, cognitive, behavioural response, quite the opposite, we are welcoming it as the source point for healing, specifically, metabolizing the information; not the story necessarily, rather how the story occupies the body, the context.

And just like the traditional, recognized remedies I know what I do isn’t going to be for everyone but for those for whom it is, they will get their lives back. Of this I am certain. And they cannot access that if we discriminate based on credentialing bodies. It’s that simple.

The Ontario Omnibus Bill – As I write this blog, an Omnibus bill in the Province of Ontario has received final reading and hidden within that bill is legislation that not only ensures the work that holistic practitioners do is no longer recognized but that such practitioners could be subjected to fines anywhere between $25,000.00 and $50,000.00 for engaging in it. In essence the “Omnibus Bill gives psychotherapists exclusive and unprecedented control over the future definition, assessment and treatment (at their sole discretion) of all emotional disturbances of human life.”  I will state unequivocally here, my concern with that does not lie in the treatment that psychotherapists offer, rather my concern is that this bill would in effect eliminate a whole host of alternative treatments that are currently giving people their lives back in combination with current traditional treatments or standing alone when traditional treatments have fallen short.

If you don’t think the cause is urgent to stop this bill that in essence takes away the right of every person to choose a method of healing that resonates and has efficacy for them, it is important to note that all this bill is waiting for to be passed is the final sign off by the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario.

That is why I continue to pursue. Honesty, transparency and respect with and for each other as professionals in this effort is imperative to the intention to provide the opportunity for relief, release and recovery for those still living in the clutches of this emotional injury to the body. They should be our priority; not what appears to be cornering the market on what is fast becoming an epidemic for emergency services personnel.

Moving Forward – The Courageous Question We Must Ask – I’m aware of a courageous question that I think every mainstream, credentialed therapist, counsellor or psychologist and or authoritative body must be willing to ask and that question is, “What else is or might be out there that by virtue of our rigid, structured thinking we are missing that may indeed complement current therapies or be unto itself a viable  “therapy”, “remedy’, “healing/recovery modality?”

It will take courage to ask that question, and even more courage to answer it. And what I know is, to make shifts of that like, to make the big leap as it were always take courage.  It is my belief that we have the capacity to heal, recover and thrive, not in spite of our experience of and OSI or PTS but because of it. This notion is woven into the coaching methodology. It is time to answer the call of our uniqueness. Had my journey not taken me on the path that it did, I would still be living the cycle of starving myself and bingeing and purging, as had become my life for seventeen years, having only the system that was ineffective for me at my avail; forcing me further into the world of shame and disgust because I just could not talk mySelf out of the eating disorder. I am grateful to all of the holistic practitioners who have gone before me and paved this way for me to live my life in holistic service to others.

If you have questions or would like to inquire with me about lending information of my services to your professional listings please feel free to connect with me.  Thank you for your time today.

Kae S. Roberts

Certified Catalyst CODE Model™ Coach

Quantum TLC™ Facilitator

NLP Master Practitioner