Sing Me Home, Back to Me


Hi, I’m Kae S. Roberts, a former police officer and Founder of Awakening Wave, Organizational Evolution (AWOE). I am a WEL-Systems® Certified CODE Model Coach™, Quantum TLC™ Facilitator, and NLP Master Practitioner and Facilitator. I am also a co-author of Sekhmet Rising, The Restlessness of Women’s Genius and proud author of this blog!

Kae’s Passion – Creating respectful and empowered workplaces through the living entities that show up each day. 

If you consider that for many of you, you are leaving your home to engage in a forty hour work week, for at minimum 25 years of your lifetime and for many it is more, that is a lot of time and energy dedicated to the workplace. Imagine the toll on your body if the better part of those years is spent dreading each day that you have to get up and go in. It impacts not only your years spent in the workplace but also your retirement years for your body having been in survival mode for much of your working life. It shouldn’t hurt to go to work” and for many, it does.

At AWOE we know your working years can and should proffer you a financially stable living and an emotionally and mentally stable life. As such, AWOE has developed a variety of experiential and educational offerings for creating a Well You and in turn a Well Workplace! We believe going to work should be an ongoing welcoming and empowering experience. Our offerings enhance the quality of the workplace and interpersonal interactions therein ensuring this experience is realized. AWOE knows it takes starting with the individual appreciating and acknowledging their brilliance before the collective of individuals can be the expression of that.

Through innovative and objective learning models developed by AWOE and supported in notion by the ground-breaking WEL-Systems® Body of Knowledge, our offerings create a safe space for participants to tap into their innate personal resources as the means to grow and thrive in their workplaces. Our experiences are a time of transformation for both the participant and the workplace from which they’ve come.

If it is your genuine intention to create a workplace inclusive of respectful, diverse, empowered employees, you have found yourself at the exact place that will facilitate that intention. Connect with me today at . I look forward to our conversation!




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